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Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment

Applications are open from 9.00am EST Friday 1 July 2016 until midnight EST Sunday 7 August 2016

It is anticipated there will be a high volume of traffic, relating to the QFES 2017 Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment Process. Technical support is not available outside of normal business hours (Monday to Friday 8:00am until 4:30pm). If you experience any problems accessing the required links or submitting an application, please wait 24 hours and try again. If you are still experiencing issues please email which is in attendance during the above mentioned business hours.

If you experience any issues with the above link, please attempt to apply using an alternate internet browser i.e. Google Chrome, before contacting QFES Recruitment. Tablets and hand held devices may not work.

Please ensure you have evidence of meeting all minimum requirements, including having successfully completed the Beep Test, prior to applying.

There is no reference to the date applications are submitted, or any advantage to applying immediately, it is only important applications are submitted before the closing date.

Please ensure you only submit your application once you have all the required information, do not rush to apply as you are unable to amend or add information to your application once submitted.

2017 QFES Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment Campaign

The 2017 Campaign will commence on Friday 1 July 2016 and will fulfil all recruitment requirements for 2017 Recruit Firefighter courses. It is anticipated this campaign will also be highly competitive. 

Applications are to be made online and will be open from Friday 1 July 2016 until midnight EST Sunday 7 August 2016.

Thinking of applying? Is Firefighting the career for you?

Firefighting is a rewarding career, but it is not for everyone.  Do you know what it takes to be a Firefighter?

Firefighters are practical, can problem solve, take initiative and can handle physical challenges. They are resilient and have the ability to tolerate stressful situations. They are team players, who also know how to lead.  They have well developed interpersonal skills, are respectful towards others and value diversity. 

The work varies and can be challenging.  Firefighters work shift work and don’t just fight fires. 

The role is diverse and entails many different functions including, but not limited to:

  • Road Accident Rescue
  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • Technical Rescue
  • Community Education Delivery
  • Building Inspections
  • Management of Hazardous Materials
  • Professional Development
  • Ongoing Training
  • Cleaning the Station
  • Equipment Maintenance

Their duties even include cleaning the bathroom and mowing the lawn!!

Want more information? Think you have what it takes….

Want to apply - What does the recruitment process involve?

What are the minimum requirements?

More detailed information on the minimum requirements can be obtained from QFES Recruitment.

How do I apply?

Applications open on Friday 1 July 2016 at 0900 EST and close midnight EST Sunday 7 August 2016.   Applications will not be accepted outside of this period.

Information on how to access the application form will be available from Friday 1 July 2016.

What do I need to make my application?

You will need to have successfully completed the Beep Test (within defined dates) before commencing your application via the applicant portal.

Once you commence your application in the applicant portal you cannot stop, save it and/or come back to it later.  If you exit the applicant portal you will have to start your application all over again.

It is recommended you allocate a couple of hours to complete your application and ensure you have all your information ready. 

What do I have to do for the Beep Test and where can I do it?

Before you complete the Beep Test you must complete the QFES Certificate of Indemnity and Fitness Form.  You will need to take both the completed form and photographic ID with you e.g. licence or passport to your Beep Test assessment.

You are required to successfully complete a Level 8/6, this means you must reach Level 8/7 to demonstrate successful completion of Level 8/6.  This is a pass/fail assessment, there is no merit in this assessment.  You are NOT required to complete this assessment further than successful completion of Level 8/6.  The assessor will note your result on the form and also sign and stamp it to verify the test result.

There are two options for completing the Beep Test:

Option One

You can complete the required Beep Test during one of the QFES run Queensland Physical Abilities Test (QPAT1) Demonstrations days free of charge.  QFES Assessors will conduct the assessments on the same day and at the same location as the demonstrations. 

Should you choose to complete your Beep Test at a QPAT Demonstration you can do this at any session advertising assessment before application close on Sunday 7 August 2016, even the ones before applications open. Bookings are required.

Option Two

Alternatively, you can complete the Beep Test at an identified Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC). Each PCYC has different testing arrangements and may charge a fee for you to undertake this assessment. A valid Beep Test will need to be conducted within defined dates - (01/07/2016 – 07/08/2016) – the Application Open period only.

You are required to make your own arrangements or booking with the PCYC.

Can I practice the Queensland Physical Abilities Test (QPAT1)?

Yes. It is highly recommended that applicants have a full understanding of the requirements of the QPAT1.  Reading the tasks on paper, or considering each task in isolation of the others seems simple enough, but the reality of the assessment is that it is tough! 

You can view full details and demonstration videos for the QPAT1.

The best way to ensure you are properly prepared for the assessment is to check it out at one of the QPAT1 Demonstrations.  These demonstrations will run in Brisbane and Regional locations in the lead up to applications opening applications and during the recruitment process. 

You are required to make your own booking to attend a demonstration and full details can be found.

Will it cost me anything to apply?

All assessment costs are covered by QFES, however you are responsible for any costs associated with your attendance at assessments, including those associated with you completing your QFES Certificate of Indemnity and Fitness Form to participate in the Beep Test.

Should you be successful in the process and be selected for offer of a place on a recruit course, you will also be required to cover the costs associated with your final Medical Assessment.

What’s happening in the process and when?

Check out the calendar of events.

Whilst it is highly unlikely dates will change under this campaign, it is recommended that you frequently check the calendar to ensure you are aware of assessment dates and locations.

Scheduling via Eventbrite may change where there are insufficient numbers to meet the delivery of the event and/or assessment.

You will receive notification from Recruitment and from Eventbrite when this occurs.

At any time, you will be able to go back into Eventbrite to manage changes to your booking/s or you may be directed by Recruitment, to make changes where an event or assessment has been cancelled due to insufficient bookings.

What’s changed from the 2016 Campaign?

The minimum requirements for application have changed.  You are now required to successfully complete the Beep Test to make application within defined dates..

If I have previously applied, do I have to apply again?

Yes. Previous applications are not considered in the current recruitment campaign. All assessments will need to be completed again regardless of which stage you progressed to previously.

Am I eligible for the 2017 Auxiliary Firefighter Closed Merit Recruitment Process?

To be eligible to apply under the Auxiliary Firefighter closed merit process, the following QFES service and performance pre-requisite requirements must be met:

Application for the QFES Auxiliary Closed Merit Recruitment Process is now open for the 2017 QFES Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment Campaign.

Where can I find out more information?

Keep checking the website for updates or contact QFES Recruitment.

Still have questions?

Check out the QFES Basegrade Firefighter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) events or contact the QFES Recruitment Team.

The following documents are provided to assist you in the application process:

QFES Recruitment Team Contact Details

Email : 
Postal : GPO Box 339 BRISBANE QLD 4001
Phone : 07 3635 1930 or 07 3635 1948

The best way to stay up to date with Basegrade Firefighter Recruitment is to regularly check the website.

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Last updated 12 July 2016