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Frequently Asked Questions


Q How many firefighter vacancies are available each year?

A Competition is fierce. Over recent years there have been only around 50-70 firefighter recruits selected each year.

Q What is a certified copy?

A A certified copy is a photocopy that has been endorsed (signed) by either a Justice of the Peace or a Commissioner of Declarations. These officers must sight the original of the document that they are endorsing (signing).

Q What first aid qualifications does QFES accept?

A   Applicants are required to have successfully completed an “Apply First Aid Course” (Unit Standard Code – HLTFA301B) through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  Details of RTOs can be found at

Applicants must supply a certified copy of their First Aid Certificate when they submit their application.  All First Aid Certificates provided must show the Name and Code of the Registered Training Organisation (RTO), as well as the applicable Unit Standard Code/s and the Nationally Recognised training logo.

Q I’ve got an Advanced First Aid Certificate, can I submit that instead?

A   Applicants who hold a higher qualification, eg Apply Advanced First Aid are still required to provide evidence that they hold a current “Apply First Aid” qualification.

Q How do applicants verify that overseas high school qualifications are Year 12 equivalent?

A Applicants who completed high school overseas must have their qualifications assessed by Queensland Studies Authority (QSA). More information is available at

Q Do applicants have to write to the selection criteria?

A No. Applicants are not required to write to the selection criteria in their application.

Applicants who are invited to attend an interview are advised that their responses to three to four questions will be assessed in reference to the Key Accountabilities and Selection Criteria of the Position Description (PDF / 74 KB) of a firefighter.

The interview questions are designed to give applicants the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the role of a firefighter and to explain their skills and experience.

Q What is the firefighter position description?

A The QFES firefighter position description is a formal document outlining the structure and vision of the Department of Emergency Services and the roles of QFES in the community. It also outlines the purpose of the firefighter position, the selection process, minimum requirements, selection criteria, key accountabilities of the position and career progression. To view the position description, click here (PDF / 74 KB).

Q How do applicants from New Zealand prove their Australian Resident Status?

A Applicants from New Zealand are automatically eligible to work in Australia, so they only need to demonstrate that their New Zealand residency has remained.  When they submit their application, New Zealand citizens are required to provide a certified copy of their New Zealand passport.

Q How many employment location preferences can applicants nominate?

A Applicants are required to nominate two preferences but only one employment location in each preference.

Applicants are encouraged to specify information to support their preference choices.

Q Can employment location preferences be changed?

A Employment location preferences can be changed in writing to QFES Recruitment GPO Box 339, Brisbane  Qld  4001, or via email to the QFES Recruitment address

Q What are the QFES Medical Standards?

A The role of a firefighter is demanding and diverse and requires a high standard of medical health. QFES Medical Standards reflect the requirements of the job. Applicants are assessed against these standards. For details of the QFES Medical Standards, click here (PDF / 78 KB).

Q Does QFES consider previous firefighter experience?

A Yes. QFES values any previous firefighter experience that applicants possess.

Applicants with one year or more full time equivalent as a permanent firefighter or three years or more active service as a part time/ auxiliary firefighter, will receive additional points for their application.

Evidence of this experience should be included when submitting an application.

We collect your personal information (e.g. email address details) to address your matter and will only disclose it to third parties if authorised by law or with your consent. To find out further information, please refer to our privacy statement.

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Last updated 1 December 2008